The Savannah (GA) Chapter, The Links, Incorporated Launch 2021 Media Institute


On July 31st, a group of eager Savannah students will enter WSAV’s studio to conduct interviews, sharing their experiences at home and school during the pandemic. Students will use NPR’s app “StoryCorps”, to record their stories which will be archived at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Last week, Emily Jones, GPB Reporter and Savannah Bureau Manager, visited the students, sharing techniques on how to be effective in conducting their interviews on StoryCorps. How is all of this happening?

The Media Institute Program is sponsored by The Savannah (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. The program is a collaboration with Summer Bonanza Partnership, Inc. and funded by International Paper Foundation. Twenty nine senior students and 35 junior campers are learning more about the world of digital storytelling.

The Media Institute is the brainchild of two-chapter members, both journalist, Wanda Lloyd and Tina A. Brown, who wanted to introduce storytelling using various media devices and apps to middle and high school students. Angela B. Young, President of the chapter states the students learned interviewing techniques, are writing their own biographical sketches, and interviewed local and nationally recognized media experts.

In one session, students observed ,journalist, Nichele Hoskins interviewing Tina Brown, the architect of this year’s program. In another session, Rana Cash, Savannah Morning News’ news director, and formerly USA TODAY Network executive editor, shared her passion for writing while curious students interviewed her. Patrick L. Riley, was the national headliner, best known for his work as a freelance, senior field producer at “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, including ABC network credits on “Oprah’s Legends Ball”. Patrick’s message was simple. Writing is important; take good notes about things you experience. He encouraged students to meet new people even if it means getting out of their comfort zone.

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