The Savannah (GA) Chapter Of The Links, Incorporated Celebrate Financial Literacy Month


Throughout the month of April, organizations across the country are promoting events and activities designed to improve financial literacy, especially among our country’s youth. April is National Financial Literacy Month and in celebration, the Savannah (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated offered the third segment of its college financial literacy program on April 14th. The Chapter decided to promote financial literacy education at the college level launching, Links Financially Intelligent Tigers (Links F.I.T.) at Savannah State University. The objectives aligned with Jump$tart, the organization that created National Financial Literacy Month. The Savannah (GA) Chapter is a member of The Links, Incorporated, which boasts over 16,000 members and promotes financial literacy programming for all age groups through its partnerships with AARP, Ally Bank, and M Financial.

Patrece Grant, a member of the Savannah (GA) Chapter, initiated the planning for the financial literacy program and helped to design the program using her background in banking, finance, real estate and housing. Her perspective is that college students need financial tools while in school to encourage them not to graduate with an overabundance of financial obligations which could hinder their future plans

Malik Epps
Malik Epps

Links F.I.T. has three educational components: budgeting and saving, understanding credit, and the basics of investing. With this three-prong curriculum, the series was launched in February, with the third part culminating during Fiinancial Literacy Month. The entire series will continue in the Fall semester. .

Malik Epps, True- Bridge (l) and Taylor Grant , Northwestern Mutual (lr), Malik Epps (t) and Tina Browning (b)

Links F.I.T.’s financial literacy education included a presentation on budgeting and saving by Taylor Grant, Financial Representative from Northwestern Mutual, followed by a workshop on the importance of credit and credit ratings by Tina Browning, Certified Financial Educator from Queensborough National Bank and Trust and a presentation on investing by Malik Epps, an associate and member of the True- Bridge investment team.

Angela Young, President of the chapter sees Links F.I.T as a natural progression in chapter programming, as the cchapter has previously offered a youth entrepreneurship and mentoring program for middle school girls F.A.-ME (Fabulous, Active, Me). She envisions Links F.IT. as a continuation of this objective by empowering college students to take control of their financial future before graduating.

In the Savannah community the chapter also organized the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program, an initiative offering preventive dental education in our elementary schools and The New Beginning Art Exhibition an annual art competition program for middle and high school students.

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