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Rochelle Small-Toney, Savannah City Manager

Rochelle Small-Toney
Rochelle Small-Toney

Rochelle Denise Small-Toney is the City Manager of the City of Savannah, Georgia where she manages the day-to-day operations of a thriving organization with over 2,500 employees. She first came to the city as the Assistant City Manager for Public Development on July 9, 2007.

Small-Toney wasted no time setting goals for Savannah.

“This City Council has done an excellent job of creating a strong set of priorities based on their vision of where the City of Savannah needs to go. My role is to create a work plan based on measurable goals that align with these priorities,” Small- Toney said. “In accordance with Council’s priorities, I will spend much of 2012 focused on public safety, creating a more businessfriendly environment, expanding economic opportunities for all citizens, and improving our water, sewer and drainage infrastructure.”

Small-Toney is also working on other projects to increase Savannah’s visibility. “ Savannah has fully emerged as a world-class destination, and tourism is now one of the most important segments of our economy,” Small-Toney said. “I’d like to focus on projects that diversify this base and expand our offerings while balancing the demands tourists place on the city. We are currently conducting separate feasibility studies to determine whether our community could support a new arena and a cruise ship terminal.”

Small-Toney’s professional memberships include ICMA, the Savannah Chapter of the National Forum of Black Public Administrators, and the Georgia Municipal Association, and the Georgia City-County Management Association.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout her life public service has been a constant.

“From very early on I made the decision to be a public servant. I strive to be a servant leader for a community that is enterprising and as concerned about the success and quality of life for all its citizens while maintaining an image that celebrates its history and diversity,” Small Toney said.

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