The Rules For Healthy Eating

Carolyn Guilford
Carolyn Guilford

The goal of this series of articles and the goal of the Health Restoration 101 programs are to help you maximize your chances of living a longer, healthier life. Our programs are simple, comprehensive, well documented and easy to follow. “It’s not magic, but it can change your life.”

The right fats in the diet are great for the brain, the blood vessels, and the nerves in the body.

Think about removing the bad fats from your diet, and make the extra effort to use only the good fats. Forget fat free, that is not a good idea. But using the right fats increases your intake of the heart healthy and cholesterol lowering Omega 3 fatty acids. These makes foods more tasty, satisfying and filling. Olive oil for general use in the kitchen, and coconut oil when you are frying. A small amount of butter is acceptable.

Minimize the amount of white sugar you use, and products made using white sugar. Refined sugar, processed sugar products including high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugar substitutes, and all the rest are harmful to the body, the brain, the heart, and interrupts the mood and energy centers of the brain, and are best avoided, and can make high blood sugar unmanageable while increasing the risk of early death and disability. We know that added sugar diminishes the immune system. The best sweeteners are the naturally occurring sugars in fresh fruits and veggies.

I believe that a small amount of dairy: low fat cheese and plain yogurt are a benefit when used to add verity to the diet, but don’t count on them for the calcium. The best and most usable calcium is derived from an increased intake of green fresh veggies, and supplemented with sunshine.

Water is the so key to health but is often overlooked. Water helps to metabolize food nutrients and keeps skin, hair, the digestive system healthy and prevents dehydration. The standard now is to drink one half ones body weight in ounces of water per day. If you weigh 200 pounds, then drink 100 ounces of water each day. Pure, clean, water, which helps to flush and detox the body. There is no substitute for water.

Set up a regular schedule for meal times, and try to stay with it. Once you become accustomed to eating the right foods at the right times, you’ll be less likely to crave snacks and other unhealthy foods. Also regular eating helps your digestive track maintain a steady supply of digestive enzymes, protects it from excess acid secretion and enables it to metabolize food in the most efficient way, while keeping our energy levels and moods steady and even.

We hear a lot about red wines and their anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals, which help to reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. 100% red grape juice have the very same benefits and is much better than using alcohol, in a healthy lifestyle. However, I will allow myself one or two drinks per year and that is all. Over indulging can lead to liver damage, moodiness and low energy and more. But what ever you decide, never drink on an empty stomach, this can cause your blood sugar levels to crash. And don’t drink and drive.

Remember, Health is a Choice.

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