The Obamas Visit Fort Stewart

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama address the troops
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama address the troops

On Friday April 27, 2012 President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, introduced by Sergeant Marshall, visited Fort Stewart to address educational institutions (for profit) that deceive and hurt military personnel, veterans and their families. “One of the worst examples, is a college recruiter who had the nerve to visit a barracks at Camp Lejeune and enroll Marines with brain injuries — just for the money,” President Obama said. “These Marines had injuries so severe some of them couldn’t recall what courses the recruiter had signed them up for. That’s appalling. That’s disgraceful. It should never happen in America.” The president discussed deceptive practices by schools hungry for a share of the billions of dollars in federal educational subsidies for such people. During President Obama’s visit to Fort Stewart he signed an executive order to thwart these deceptive practices. The order requires schools to provide more precise and transparent information about their qualifications and financial aid programs, provide more counseling on these matters, strengthen regulations that dictate who can come on post and talk to service members. The executive order commands the Department of Veterans Affairs to trademark the term ”GI Bill,” to make it easier for the government to monitor and/or investigate forprofit groups that deceptively use the term to enroll veterans.

Lastly, The order directs the Department of Education, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Defense to set up a centralized complaint system.The president termed this order “Know Before You Owe.” The president’s signing of the executive order was universally supported by most veterans groups such as the the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and Student Veterans of America, a coalition of student veteran organizations that represent colleges.

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