The Legacy Continues:

New Health Care Facility Opened


On Thursday, February 27, 2013 the latest chapter in the legacy from the work of the late Dr. Curtis V. Cooper was celebrated with the much needed new health care facility The center opened on Thursday comes in cooperation with the Housing Authority of Savannah and the dedicated staff of the Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Center. It was with great pride that this site is opening to serve the Savannah community and the residents of Yamacraw Village as of Wednesday, March 6, 2013 The Center is located at 349 W. Bryan Street. Appointments can be made by calling (912) 527-2727. For the immediate future, the site will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This commitment to service dates back to 1971 when Curtis V. Cooper organized a group of citizens from the Westside of Savannah for the sole purpose of funding a primary health care center to serve the underserved. In 1975, the Roberts Street Center was born as Westside Comprehensive Health Center and is still in operation today. In 1977, the Urban Health Center was founded and housed at 115 East York Street to expand this commitment to service.

To meet the everchanging federal guidelines, in 1981 a merger took place that gave birth to the “Westside Urban Health Center, Inc.” Dr. Cooper served as its Executive Director until his passing in January 2000.

Dr. Cooper’s mission was to serve and make his corner of the world better for those who could not speak for themselves. Because of Dr. Cooper’s vision and foresight, land was purchased that enabled us in 2003 to build a state of the art health care center at 106 East Board Street.

It was during this dedication, that the official name was changed to “Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Center,” in honor of the gentle giant from whose vision has become our reality.

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