The Kiah Stories Oral History Project


In 1983 the African American Museums Association (AAMA), published the Blacks in Museums Directory, its first directory of museum professionals. The Center for the Study of African and African Diaspora Museums and Communities (CFSAADMC), now based in Savannah Georgia, is continuing the research to determine the whereabouts of the participants featured in that directory and celebrate them and their work. Appearing in that directory was Virginia Jackson Kiah and the Kiah Museum in Savannah, Georgia. Since the Center relocated to Georgia we have been interested in learning more about the Kiah’s and the Museum they started in their home on 505 W. 36th Street in the historic Cuyler Brownsville Neighborhood. A Friends group has been formed and we are now in the process of gathering the oral history for a documentary about the museum and its founders.

If you remember this museum and its founders please join us on Thursday, July 24, 2014, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the First Congregational Church located at 421 Habersham Street, as the Friends of the Kiah House Museum and Research Institute begins its first phase of the Kiah Stories Oral History and Documentary Project. Please help us gather the stories and document the impact of Dr. Calvin L. Kiah, former Dean of Education at Savannah State College, his wife Virginia Jackson Kiah, the Kiah House Museum, and the Historic Cuyler Brownsville Neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia. Come and learn more about the project or sign up to become involved. For more information contact Dr. Deborah Johnson-Simon at (912)- 234-2050

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