The Independent Learning Network, Inc. Offers a Unique Learning Opportunity for Home-based Learners

The Independent Learning Network, Inc. (ILN) is a new organization offering educational services to home-based learners in Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan counties.

Concerned by the growing epidemic of student apathy and failures across the region, ILN was established to address the need for alternative educational options for learners in grade levels 3- 12.

ILN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the academic excellence of home-based learners. Its mission is to provide parents and students with a support network that inspires independent learners to achieve academic excellence and meaningfully contribute to society. Independent learners are defined as students who seek or are actively participating in home-based educational programs outside the traditional public and private school sectors.

ILN services are also recommended for learners with exceptional needs (accelerated and academically challenged), at-risk learners, and parents of homebased learners who seek additional support. ILN’s exceptional educators promote life-long learning and global thinking through personal curriculum planning, individualized instruction, and community programming while inspiring learners and bridging academic gaps.

The Independent Learning Network is a 501c3 organization based in Savannah, Georgia, and is insured as a professional educational and tutoring service by Western World Insurance Company. Principal staff at ILN are Celeste Martin Nathan, M.A.T. (2012) (Academic Director), a home-school graduate and specialist for special needs and at-risk students; Maria Williams, M.F.A. (Business Director), a twenty-year veteran college instructor and administrator in the U.S. and abroad; and Jennifer Parker, M.Ed. (Community Education Liaison), a licensed specialist in early childhood education.

For more information, contact Maria Williams, Business Director, Independent Learning Network, Inc. at (912) 231- 0302or

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