The Hungry Club Forum Of Savannah, Inc Appreciation Reception And Luncheon To Be Held


The Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc. will present its 2014 Washington-Walker Community Service Appreciation Award at its 8th Annual Community Service Appreciation Reception and Luncheon to be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 12:00 Noon, in the Eden Room of the Temple of Glory, located at 1105 Stiles Avenue. The award recognizes an individual or organization for making outstanding contributions to the community in the areas of community service and development, business and education.

Keynote speakers Attorney Janice L. Mathis, V. P. for Legal Affairs, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Rev. Gregory Myles Williams, President and CEO, The Institute for Community Development, will present on Becoming the Change that We Want to See: Launching and Assessing Initiatives Locally for Our Future Prosperity.

The Washington-Walker Award is named for two outstanding trailblazers in the history of African American enterprise development: Booker T. Washington and Madam C. J. Walker. Washington, (1856-1915) founder of the National Business and Tuskegee Institute, was a national leader who deemphasized protest for social equality. He believed that African Americans would fare faster and better by focusing on education, industry, hard work, thrift, improved deportment and industry. A quote from his speech at the 1876 Atlanta Exposition, “Cast down ye buckets where ye are”, has been controversial to this day.

Madame C. J. Walker (1867-1919) was a former washerwoman who became one of the first women of any race to become a millionaire through her own efforts. Before her time, Negro women who wanted to straighten out their hair had to place it on a flat surface and press it with a flat iron. In 1905, Madame Walker invented her hair softener and special straightening comb. Before her death in 1919, Walker could count 2,000 agents selling an ever-expanding line of Walker products and demonstrating the “Walker System” of treating hair. Her ingenuity and ability laid the foundation of the cosmetics industry among African Americans and spurred the interest in beauty among African American women to this day. For more information, please contact Julia Wright at 927-8425 or Lillian Grant-Baptiste at 373-4743.

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