The Guardian Cap: Making An Impact On High School Football

Every summer, high school football teams across the state of Georgia gear up for their annual preseason camps. These long and grueling sessions are essential for getting players acclimated to the pace and contact level of the regular season.

Several Savannah programs, including Savannah Christian, Savannah Country, Savannah Chatham County and St. Andrews High School, will have a different look this year as they try to give their athletes an extra edge when it comes to safety by using an innovative helmet cover known as the Guardian Cap. These caps act as a padded shell cover that is worn over a helmet, giving players a little extra cushion during a blow.

Over sixty thousand athletes, including the players at Georgia State and Clemson University, have used this technology for quite some time, and high schools around the area are catching on. Through various studies, these caps have proven to reduce helmet impact by up to 33%, and for many football players, especially those in the offensive and defensive lines, the difference can be monumentally significant when considering the hundreds of cumulative blows that they experience over the course of a season.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of high school sports. Several of Savannah’s football programs have prioritized this, and are using the Guardian Cap to reduce head-to-head impact amongst their players as they head into the upcoming season.

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