The Fountain of Youth is Within


The goal of this column and the goal of the Health Restoration 101 programs are to help to maximize your chances of living a longer, healthier life. Finally, the book has been published, “Health Restoration101: Creating a healthy lifestyle” A NEW Formula for Health Success by Carolyn Guilford, Certified Nutritionist

The numbers grow, as we add each year to our age. But must we look the years? Are you wearing the years well? We know that we can actually look half our age, and lengthen our lives, by following a healthy lifestyle and by keeping a positive and happy outlook. The fountain of youth occurs from within, not from jars or fads, pills or potions.

Here are some thoughts to take note of in your anti-aging regime: In a study conducted by the John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation called “Successful Aging”, their evidence shows that our genes make up only 30 percent of the over all course of aging. The balance is dependent on how we use or abuse the body.

Habits which impact poorly on our lives include cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, pessimistic outlook, and poor food choices are just some of the lifestyle factors that affect the aging process, health and length of life.

Cigarette smoking often results in lung problems like emphysema, cancer, and can rob the body of ease of circulation, leading to pallor and a pasty appearance. Ingredients in cigarettes cheat the body of vitamins like Vitamin C, which is critically needed for skin renewal and cell regeneration. Drinking alcohol can damage tiny blood vessels in the skin and cause us to appear older than our years.

The lack of exercise is also a factor. Prolonged inactivity steals from the body the ability to regenerate, and to flush out toxins. In addition to getting rid of fats and cholesterol that clog the pores of the skin, exercise builds muscles and keeps us strong, and keeps oxygenated blood in circulation. Another important factor in skin aging is the right foods. Nourishing the body by eating a balanced diet will provide the vitamins and minerals needed for growth and renewal. An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables are the super-foods containing antioxidants to keep aging to a snails pace.

We know we need to get at least 8 hours of sleep but there are those who rest for only 4 to 6 hours at night. Worst are those who only sleep during the day, or who work the night shift, and rarely sleep at night. The lack of 7-8 hours of good restful sleep many times is the precursor of heart disease, stroke, insulin resistance and other chronic diseases, and mental decline.

Stress accelerates aging, but is easily controlled by getting organized. You can keep a to-do list, make a daily agenda, or take a class in organization, but don’t rely on your memory. Forgetting just one thing can cause undue stress and keep you going downhill for along time. Let your mind be clear to work on creative issues for you. Laughter is probably the single most effective stress reliever. It seems to just dissolve stress out of the entire body. Find and read a good joke book, or get with people who can lift you with humor. When stressful situations occur, you will be relaxed in no time.

Practice these anti-aging factors for yourself and you will soon see a difference. Go ahead now, and create your own fountain of youth.

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