The Eyes Have It

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

“More and more I’m hearing that persons are not driving at night because of problems with their eyes”, Carolyn Guilford said.

“Well, one of my elderly clients (88 years young) picked me up for a holiday party, just before New Year’s Day. I was surprised she offered to pick me up, but thought she had a driver and was offering me a ride with her. On date night she blew for me, and to my delight, she was driving”.

“At the event, we danced and sang and had the best time. On the return drive home, I asked when she started driving at night again; her answer surprised me even more. She has a secret that worked for her and for many of my Health Restoration Clients”.

On Monday January 14, 6 PM “the eyes have it” is the presentation of the evening, at the Live Oak Public Library, Bull Street. Located in the first floor auditorium, you will learn how to strengthen your eye muscles, how to clean out the small blood vessels that serve the eyes and how to keep your eyesight strong, so that you, at any age can continue to enjoy your life.

Free to do all the things life offers. The key to health and long life that strengthens one area of the body – strengthens the entire body, and with a new program, you will see better. Are you using glasses as a crutch for your vision? Can a new diet improve your sight? What role does sunglasses and exercise play in your vision story? Are you thinking poor eyesight is hereditary? The answers to all these questions may surprise you!

Cataracts is the leading cause of blindness worldwide, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has become the horror of many golden years, affecting as many as 20 million elderly Americans.

Many physicians believe that progression to either of these conditions is inevitable, and they wait to intervene when symptoms persist. This type of “reactive” care could cost you your eyesight. You’re better off focusing on the variety of proven prevention strategies, from nutrition to new lifestyle choices, to help keep your eyes healthy.

A life style of health to benefit everybody.

Strengthening the eyes is of special interest because we all value our sight and can not enjoy the same quality of life without sight.

Join Carolyn Guilford, local nutritionist, author, and wellness consultant; contributor to the Savannah Tribune and Savannah Morning News, for this wonderfully inspiring story of health restoration, and sight rejuvenation, while learning to make better choices for your own health, sight, and future.

This first workshop of the year begins a new year of library talks, each will be held on the second Monday of each Month, except when that Monday is a Holiday. Be sure to mark your calendar to attend the workshops. Each month a new health topic with be discussed and your questions answered, as we move into new choices for a better sense of wellbeing. Carolyn say’s “ You can be healthy at any age”, the first steps begin with you!, Because Health is a Choice!

For more information contact Carolyn Guilford at, or . or the Bull Street Library at 912.652.3600

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