The EOA And United Health Care Sponsor Container Garden Workshop

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Economic Opportunity Authority and United Healthcare will sponsor a workshop on how to start a Container Garden on September 5th at 9:00 a.m. at EOA 618 W. Anderson St. The free workshop will take place in the Community Garden of EOA.

The Container Garden workshop is a spin-off program of the EOA Community Garden. Container gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. Container gardening is an easy way to garden, especially when you lack space. This great way to grow your own vegetables and herbs when you lack space or don’t have a lot time. Even the smallest space can be enhanced by a container garden. The workshop will also show how Container Gardening can be economical and how almost anything can be used for a container. Even an old bucket found around the house can be used as a container, with a few holes punched in the bottom, and potting soil.

United Healthcare in their focus on “Helping People Live Healthier Lives,” will provide all the senior need to get started – a container, some potting soil and either seeds or plants! Tanya Scott-Pilcher, Agent Manager for UnitedHealthcare, said her company is excited about having an opportunity to demonstrate healthy practices for seniors. Pete Liakakis, Community Activist and former Chairman Chatham County Commissioners has also committed time and funds for the success of this project. Space for the workshop is limited to 50 participants. To sign-up call the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at 912-234-7842.

EOA is committed to promoting environmental awareness, positive social interaction and community education through their Community Garden. A Community Garden is defined as a single piece of land gardened collectively by way of designated plots. Each plot is cared for by an individual or shared by a group of people; to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers for personal use and/or for donation.

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