The Cuyler Community Improvement Association, Inc. Announces the 2012 Ursuline B. Law Scholarship

The Cuyler Community Improvement Association, Inc. (C.C.I.A.) announces the 2012 Cuyler Community Ursuline B. Law Human Services Scholarship. The C.C.I.A., Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to the health, well-being and financial productivity of the residents of Cuyler – Brownsville Neighborhood.

The purpose of the scholarship is to maintain the pursuit of professional careers for which the community is known. The Cuyler Community Scholarship is to provide financial support for those persons residing in the Cuyler-Brownville neighborhood.

The boundaries of this community are the westside of MLK, Jr. Blvd., Ogeechee Road/Kollock St.; the south side of West Anderson Street and the north side of West Victory Drive. The applicants must be registered in at least their second semester with an accredited college, university, or technical school pursuing the study of various human service fields, medical, social work, or education.

This annual scholarship is in the amount of $ 1,000.00 for the top three candidates. It is not a repetitive scholarship. The funds can be used for tuition, books, supplies, uniforms, equipment and other such items to aid in their studies. Applications are available by calling 912-234-6254 or emailing Please leave a name and number if you are eligible to apply for this scholarship or request an application by email and the application and criteria will be emailed to you.

The applicant will need to complete the application, verify (prove) residency in Cuyler Brownville neighborhood , and produce their transcript and provide two letters of recommendation. Application deadline is February 6, 2012. by 5:00 p.m.

All applications, with required documents can be submitted by mail, postmarked no later than Feb. 4, 2012, to: Pamela Jones, 903 West 36th Street – Savannah, GA 31415 or emailed to . For more information please email the included email address. Scholarship award announcement to be made on February 18, 2012.

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