The Community Improvement Association of Tatemville Meets

The Community Improvement Association of Tatemville held it’s monthly meeting on April 16th @ 6:p:m at the Tatemville Community Center on Coleman Street. The meeting was very informative and full of tidbits of information of interest to all residents. A few highlights of the meeting were : no trash burning in the city limits; fire dept. non emergency number( 912-651-6758); questions about fire fee/exemptions (912) 525-2810; new code enforcement rule(no more parking in the front yard( on grass or dirt) except on an established driveway); residents are urged to attend the MPC meeting on April 26th @ 10:00 a:m (subject- new junk yard business on Staley Ave.); April 30th, 5th district Town Hall meeting @ Liberty City Community Center @ 6:30 p:m to address the fire fee and application for exemptions; Neighborhood Clean-up day, May 26th (need volunteers to help clean-up); please be registered( ends April 24th)and cast your vote in the primary election(May 22nd); please remember the book drive and need for volunteers at Haven School. There will be a special guest speaker at the next meeting on May 21st. All residents are welcome to attend. Mrs. Mable Hudson-President.

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