The C.O.L.A. Center of Georgia, Inc. Opens

During the weekday, hundreds of cars pass through the corners of Hodgson Memorial and Stephenson Avenue.

The C.O.L.A. Center of Georgia, Inc. (Communities Organizing Legal Assistance) opened its doors in July 2010.

Since its opening, the organization has assisted many clients with attorney referrals for original cases and appeals in the criminal arena. The organization’s mission statement reads “to ensure that the laws of the United States Constitution are accessible to all citizens and to provide legal attorney referral assistance to individuals who seek fair representation and justice for all.”

The Center also provides an inmate family support “circle” for family members who have incarcerated loved ones in a local, county, state or federal facility.

“We want family members, wives, mothers, uncles, brothers and so forth to know that they can be there to help design an aftercare plan as they prepare to come back to the community,” states Denise Golden, Board Member. “We provide case reviews and match your case up to an attorney on our referral directory. We also follow up on your case to ensure that the match is working.”

The C.O.L.A. Center also provides assistance in child support modifications, impingement of records, voting reinstatements, mitigation research, TWIC card waivers and an array of civil matters. The center posts a disclosure statement that they are not lawyers.

The goal is to match each C.O.L.A. member with an attorney that has been identified, prescreened and listed on our C.O.L.A. Attorney Directory. The directory includes a combination of civil and criminal lawyers. The law firms are based in Savannah and Atlanta, Ga. We have seen too many families who are experiencing a nightmare as their family members make the choice to commit a crime. The burden of their decisions are falling on these families to seek legal counsel for their loved ones. We hope the C.O.L.A. Center will become a household name- “ need a lawyer? Call the C.O.L.A. Center,” states Golden.

The C.O.L.A. Center is a state of Georgia 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization For more information, call us today, at (912) 355-3370, or (912) 308- 9483.

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