The Benefits of a Good Stretch – Daily

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

Every person from young to old, will benefit from a daily stretching routine and become more flexible.

It will also protect the muscles of the body from injury. A stretching routine can start with a little as 5 minuets to as long as 30 to 45 minuets to complete.

This will help the person feel healthier and more energized throughout their day. Completing a daily stretching routine should not be difficult, it is easy, low impact and is done at a moderate pace, comfortable for the person of any age.

From young to … not so young The young can benefit from having a daily stretching routine because it helps them learn to control their quickly growing bodies. Children who stretch daily show increased coordination and muscle strength and fine tune there movements.

They learn to control their bodies, avoiding falls and running into things, as they move through awkward phases. And are less likely to become injured while participating in sports or playing with other kids.

Children who do daily stretching routines before school are more alert in class and learn more easily, during their morning classes. This routine along with a healthy breakfast of fruits and 100% whole grains each morning, allows children to pay attention better during the school day, and enhances comprehension.

These are the children who routinely get better grades, excel in classes and have a higher chance of completing school and graduating with their class than peers who do not do some form of daily exercise. Another group benefit greatly from a daily stretching routine is the senior.

The daily stretching routine for seniors can increase their overall strength significantly, will increase flexibility, so they are able to move about more easily and faster, increase self confi- dence, and help to protect against falls.

A good stretching routine, adhered to daily has been proven to relieve many different health issues that commonly concern senior citizens, such as joint pain from osteoarthritis, back pain, poor circulation, as well as mobility issues.

Even working adults can benefit from a stretching practice, as it helps to improve ones mood, relives stress, and makes us feel better and stronger, both physically and emotionally.

Many people have jobs where they are sitting all or most of the day, and by the end of the day are feeling stiff and sore. For this person a daily exercise routine, with a stretching routine, maybe during lunch time or break time, will ensure better health, and a better feeling.

For this person, I would recommend carving out a time to stretch early in the morning, before work, and then an afternoon exercise or walking program, alone or with friends. Then you can finally end your day with a relaxing bath, meditation, and then crawl in for a good night’s sleep.

This routine will almost guarantee waking relaxed, refreshed and ready to bless the new morning with a happy constitution. If you’d like to get a copy of the ‘Easy Stretch Routine’ send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Easy Stretch, HR101, Post Office Box 2814, Savannah, GA 31402 If you are ready to save your own life by creating a healthy lifestyle, and reversing Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer……. call or write:

Carolyn Guilford,
Health Restoration 101
P.O. Box 2814, Savannah,
GA 31402 912) 236-8987

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