The Art Show at the JEA To Feature The Works of Debra Malschick

The Art Show at the JEA beginning January 8, 2017, will feature the works of Debra Malschick. Debra has lived in Savannah and has been a professor at SCAD in the School of Foundation Studies since 2005. Debra was born in Philadelphia where she attended the Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She received her Master’s of Fine Arts degree from California State University Long Beach.

Debra’s paintings and drawings are in collections internationally. She is affiliated with Fresh Paint Art in Los Angeles.

Debra says of her work, “The forms and patterns of nature have continually fascinated me and been my vehicle for expression. “Drawing from observation or using my camera is my visual note takers. Both situations are true. Drawing is the entryway and key to all of my work. As I work the inherent geometric structure of natural form is a constant reminder of how interconnected all of life is.”

My pen and ink drawings record the intricacies and changes of form and are the documentation of bloom and decay. I work with the plants in the studio.

The drawings are layered on both sides of a Mylar surface. A composition evolves where space is condensed and line takes on a life in addition to, and separate from the form it describes. Independent linear paths occur intuitively and add another dimension to the drawing. There is no specific plan when the work is started and I find meaning as I continue to draw. The scale enables a viewer to become lost in the line work, as the narrative is lost there is another dimension to be seen.”

Debra Malschick’s artwork will be available for viewing from January 8 through January 31, 2017 at the JEA located at 5111 Abercorn Street.. There will be a reception from 2:00-4:00 pm.

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