The Art of Receiving

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him,” (Matthew 7:11).

About three month ago I invited a couple of people from one of the local stores to our church’s interest hangout. They expressed to me that they worked every Saturday and wouldn’t be able to come due to work. Since they couldn’t come and since our hangouts were being held at a coffee shop, I figured I would be a blessing and buy them a gift card so they could enjoy some delicious coffee. So, I dropped off a couple of gift cards to them in the name of Jesus. They both received it with a smile. What a blessing for everybody!

It has been about three months now since I have been back to this particular store before going by there earlier this week. While I was there, one of the employees handed me back the gift card and asked me to give it to someone else who needed it. I asked her if she liked coffee and she told me she did but wanted someone else to have it. I smiled and received it back. As I was walking out of the store I was saddened. I told God I didn’t understand why she would not receive the gift. I then said to God, “I just wanted to be a blessing.” God responded to me, “this is how I feel when my children will not receive my gifts. I just want to be a blessing.”

This statement from God has changed my life. I felt saddened from a stranger not receiving a blessing from me how much more does it affect God when His children don’t receive His perfect gifts of love from Him. God is our Father. He is a good Father. He only gives good and perfect gifts to His children (James 1:17). God desiring to bless us goes beyond our needs and is not dependent upon whether or not we think we deserve them. God gives to us because He is good and because He loves us unconditionally (Romans 8:35-39).

Behind every gift from God is sacrificial love. He gave up His only son Jesus to die on a cross so He could have access into our lives (John 3:16). Not to take but to invest. His gifts have no strings attached. It cost Him dearly to be able to give us gifts. I asked God to forgive me for any time I did not receive from Him. I asked Him to teach me out to be a good receiver.

When we don’t receive from others for whatever reason, it robs three people of a blessing. It robs that person, it robs you, and God. The next time someone wants to buy your lunch or do something special for you please allow them. That is God trying to bless your life. It has nothing to do with need but everything to do with Him loving you. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We must learn how to be good at both. When we do, us, others, and God will be blessed continually!


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