The 6th Annual Remembering Ben Tucker Memorial Concert

Ben Tucker
Ben Tucker

Mark your calendar because you don’t want to miss the 6th annual “Remembering Ben Tucker Memorial Jazz Jam”. This free concert will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2019, from 3-5 pm, in the historic Wright Square on Bull Street in Savannah, GA. This is a free event for all ages. This annual celebration is one of the many FUN Raising activities organized by the Friends of Ben Tucker, Inc. Their mission is to preserve, protect and have fun celebrating Ben Tucker’s legacy. In the words of Ben Tucker, “Let’s Make it Happen!”

This year’s event will feature some of the Coastal Empire’s finest jazz musicians, most whom played with Ben for years. The always humble helmsman is Teddy Adams on trombone, Howard Paul on Benedetto jazz guitar, Randy Reese on alto & tenor sax and flute, Eric Jones on keyboards, Bruce Spradley on bass, Robert Saunders on drums, Kirk Lee on trumpet & Flugel Horn, and the angelic Claire Frazier on vocals. These are some of the finest jazz professionals who give it away every time and know how to take it home.

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate the life of Ben Tucker. Ben had so many talents and gifts and he shared them with everyone. The common thread that ran through his many accomplishments was his commitment and determination to improve Savannah’s entire community.

Ben made Savannah his home for over 40 years. Ben’s contagious smile and ever friendly nature bridged the gap between all people, business, and government. Ben showed us how to build bridges between all races, all ages, and all identities throughout our society. Ben inspired everyone he met. By maintaining his legacy, Ben continues to inspire and connect us together to be a stronger and more positive world.

We must remember to thank most of all, the driving force behind Ben, his forever young wife, Mrs. Gloria Tucker. Come to any event and you will witness Gloria dancing to “Comin Home Baby”, a song Ben wrote just for her.

This free event is sponsored by Friends of Ben Tucker, Inc. and the Coastal Jazz Association. We are so grateful for these outstanding jazz musicians representing Coastal Jazz Association and the Coastal Empire for playing at this event each year. Without their gift, this event would never happen. We also wish to thank our many world wide supporters and each one of you for joining us to keep Ben’s legacy alive. This concert would not be possible without the support received from the City of Savannah Leisure Services Bureau, Coastal Jazz Association, WTOC, WSAV and Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension, Connect Savannah, Savannah Tribune newspaper, Do Savannah, and countless others who extend their helping hands to make this event happen each year.

A suggested donation of $10 will help fund these wonderful programs. Today it is so simple to make a donation. Pick up your phone. Search for Friends of Ben Tucker or go to their website:

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