The 6th Annual JFly Music Festival


Artist, drummer and producer extraordinaire, JFly, in association with the great City of Waycross, Georgia and the How Big Is Your Dream Foundation?! (HBIYD), will be hosting the 6th Annual JFly Music Festival on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 from 4pm-11pm at Phoenix Park, in Waycross, GA. This festival provides the Waycross community and surrounding cities in the Southeast region a diverse showcase of the best national artists that have graced the stage alongside JFly. This year festival will provide festival-goers a chance to experience a fusion of musical cultures and high quality musicianship. Attendees at this year’s festival will experience a stellar concert with live performances from JFly and Bob Baldwin, Marion Meadows, Joey Sommerville, Marcus Anderson, UK Artist Christian Jones, Jeanette Harris, Karen Briggs, Rahbi, and many more. Show-goers should be on the lookout for an electrifying performance from the Ambassador of Soul Ellis Hall. Hall’s performance is going to be a must see for young and old.

The JFly Music Festival has grown from having 4,500 during its initial year to having over 17,000 people attending last year’s festival. At this year’s festival local regional artists will have a chance to perform and receive exposure on a huge level. This festival is “a celebration of something that wasn’t suppose to be. Nobody thought that a music festival would be successful in a small southeast Georgia city like Waycross,” says JFly. The festival is now in its 6th year and it’s still going strong because the festival, along with the HBIYD Foundation, helps people to be able to “live out their dreams instead of their nightmares.”

JFly is the founder of the How Big Is Your Dream Foundation?! The HBIYD Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed to promote, educate, and develop the minds of the youth in order to pursue their dreams. JFly uses this organization to not only teach the craft but to also instill the soft skills of survival in youth. This is important in this day and time because on the wake of the Michael Brown Tragedy and other’s like it the youth “need someone to teach them how to maintain even after they achieve success,” says JFly. Often times children are talented but sometimes lack direction and the HBIYD Foundation helps guide them to attain their dream. This festival, like the ones of the past, will create memories that will last forever.

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