The 46th President Of The United States Of America Is…


A s of press time for The Savannah Tribune, the results of the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election as well as the local elections were incomplete. We will have the complete results on our website as they are made available to us. We will also publish the complete results in the next edition of The Savannah Tribune. Visit and also “Like” us on Facebook.

Voting is an American right and many have fought for this privilege. It is a responsibility of citizenship. It is our duty to let our voices be heard and our privilege to choose many of the individuals who will lead our government on all levels. This year, in addition to choosing who will be the next President of the United States, we will also elect Senators and Congressmen as well as state and local officials who make decisions that impact our daily lives. Holding elections to choose the individuals who will step into the important positions in our government gives citizens the magic wand of power. For the next four years, our lives, the lives of our children, and the lives of all those we hold near and dear will certainly be impacted by the 46th President of the United States of America. Our homes, schools, churches, businesses, communities, jobs, international relationships and armed forces will be guided by the leadership of this new President. These are desperate and trying times that demand skillful, positive, visionary, enlightened and honest leadership.

We hope that you voted to let your voice be heard by supporting men and women for the various offices on the ballot who exemplify excellent leadership skills in the political arena. There is no time to whine now, there is no time to go back; voting polls closed at the end of the business day on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and a missed vote is a missed opportunity that is gone forever.

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        1. Ur definitely part of the problem u definitely seem to be uneducated on what causes the issues we are facing today

    1. If you truly believe Biden is what this country needs – you are either delusional or suffering a bad case of TDS – if that is the case I hope you get well soon.

      1. To all the idiots that voted for Biden, you are the one that will have the demise of our nation on their hands. And have sent all of our children’s future into a chaotic destructive war path. I hope your states where your not getting to work that you are happy because welcome to more of that. They are going to shut down the entire country. I am mind blown that this is happening to our country and to my children’s future. I’m so disappointed.

        1. oh shut the fuck up when obama was in office was their a pandemic ??? no but when you have this orange ass mf its a whole pandemic and the mf downplayed the whole covid 19 situation

      2. ur the delusional one. are presedent does not give a crap about poor people or black people, likes to put on makeup to look better but we all know thats not working out, and he found his newest wife by the way his third and found her looking behind a beuty pagent (perverted) that he owns and the age diffirence is fonamanol and he tries to start wars

      3. You support someone who is sexist, racist, has promoted incest, has sexual assault allegations, called someone weak for not surviving cancer and didnt wear a mask even when they had covid

      4. I think that Joe Biden should be president! I won’t hate on you, but let me tell you why. Trump is quite racist to the black community which I am a part of. He has many children separated from their parents. Sure many people say Covid-19 is not his responsibility, but it is. Even if he thinks so as a president he should try to help, but hes making it worse! So please don’t hate on me I’m a kid. Just please don’t be rude to the Joe Biden campaign. Just simply say I hope trump wins.

      5. if you truly belive trump is fit for this country you are either so hateful to the point where I pity you or your a complete fucking moron who chooses to hear only what you want… or your a child basing your views off corrupt parents, either way get better soon <3

    2. Yes!!! Trump is a complete idiot and has all these other dummies following him!!! He is always saying and doing the dumbest shit EVER!!! What a embarrassment to our country

      1. can you believe all of a sudden its illegal to hand out papers and give out masks with the name BIDEN HARRIS

        1. That shit is fucking biden harris fucking mask fuckers go trump fucking Democrat for stubern jack asses Republican for smart elephant dumb asses and smart asses

    3. To all the idiots that voted for Biden, you are the one that will have the demise of our nation on their hands. And have sent all of our children’s future into a chaotic destructive war path. I hope your states where your not getting to work that you are happy because welcome to more of that. They are going to shut down the entire country. I am mind blown that this is happening to our country and to my children’s future. I’m so disappointed.

    4. Trump supporters are fucking sluts like come on now. People who voted for trump only care about them selves. Arguing with a Trumpet is like saying if 5+6=11 but they keep saying its 10. They know they are wrong. I don’t know hoe all all of these pathetic people support him for fucks sake. All those poor children in cages don’t deserve to be there. Believe it or not, Latinos or much more hardworking, and by that I mean they have one of the toughest jobs that not even a homeless white man can go do. You barely see any homeless latinos. And BLM, HLM, LGBTQ+ LIVES MATTER!!!! FUCK YOU TRUMP AND BIDEN 2020!!!!

  1. Trump2020

    There were states that had more voters than people registered to vote. This will be taken to the supreme court – and I pray to God that Trump is re-elected or we are all screwed. Everyone voting for Biden is doing so because they simply do not like Trump and cannot name ONE good thing he did for the American people in 47 years. Plus, Biden said (you can look this up on youtube) “I will cure cancer if I am elected”. People with TDS probably believe that too. That is the crazy part. Biden is only good for making fun of – but not fit to be president of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

    1. And what did Trump do? Let me remind you he hates Mexican and wanted them to stay out with the bullshit wall he said he was making. Then calls every Muslim a Terrorist and make a mockery out minority and other groups. Obviously he’s not fitted for this role. Let me remind you he admitted to being a pedophile and evening like his daughter in a sexual way(disgusting). If you believe trump is the fittest your mentally ill. How you can accept a person who likes younger people it seems y’all Trump supporters believe that it’s okay he’s a pedo and y’all are sick. You have no culture your nothing you obviously came to this land with no heritage to steal other cultures and heritage from other race. Let’s also not forget how he got impeached as a president and that’s a very high expectation for the role of a president. He’s a businessman and will forever stay as one the little man thinks he so smart since he makes money moves we are not your property or your little (margins) we are human beings.

      Let’s not forget about how tweet to the public about sending out the national army to the streets to shoot if protesters loot. Stating (If the looting start the shooting starts)

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        1. Bitch get yo fucking ugly ass white ass cracker ass trump livin ass on somewhere . Fuck that orange ugly ass no lip ass idiot . y’all stay dick riding that dummy . A whole fuckin Hippocrate .

        2. That’s awful. I’m for Trump, not stupidity. Your the reason Trump and his supporters have been given bad names. Ignorant, not even Trump fix stupid.

        3. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 i bet you one of them white mf that sit on the porch with a beer and smoking and i bet your fucking your blood sister white racist piece of shit people like you dont belong here i bet you wont come to my hood with tht shitt we will blow yo mf head slap tf off

    2. And Michigan just came out and said they made a mistake and Trump won Michigan. Look on the state site, but google not showing it yet


    1. This is the Answer from Almighty God that is coming for the WHOLE EARTH, Blessed be The Earth BY all Those that are NOT on The Most High True Gods TEAM, The Divine Lamb Of GODS TEAM, BE GONE FROM THE EARTH (PERISH) and The Only ONES LEFT (on the Earth) Be THOSE ON HIS TEAM, The DIVINE LAMB OF GODS TEAM. This Is what is Coming and The World is IN IT NOW as The Lord of Lords said as in NOAHS TIME so Shall it Be in the End Times of this ERA, There was ONLY ONE FAMILY LEFT AFTER THE FLOOD, Bcos PPL Support The DEMONS Not Their CREATOR and His WAYS and TESTIMONIES and STATUTES. BYE AMERICA and all the other NATIONS that will DISAPPEAR shortly.

  3. Trump please I want him to be president and make this American great again 2020 we love you guys

    1. when Trump was president he did not make america great again he made it worse instead he’s running his mouth on twitter

    2. America was never great.. maybe for you white folk but not for poc && other minorities..

  4. Biden is evil and will bring this great country to its knees even more than the Democrat ran congress already has in the last four years. That being said Trump is lier and a fool but at least he is not a crew who wants our xhildren so he can do sick things to them. Which is exactly what Joe Biden seams to be. Please let the right thing happen and re-elect Trump!!

    1. First of all talking about doing sick things to children, there are little kids in cages separated from their parents and guess who did that ……………………………..TRUMP

  5. Donald Trump has 264 votes and Joe Biden has 214 votes so most likely Joe Biden will win but Donald Trumo is my vote!

  6. Biden 2020. Why would a millionaire let his children run 2 of his businesses and since they didn’t even have skills to run the business, they ran it into the ground. This is why TRUMP had to file bankruptcy. No wonder he didnt want to turn his income taxes over to the house and senate.

  7. thanks i agree, they totally rigged all these vote trump should have won fair and square he was winning last night then somehow he all of a sudden got over a million votes which idk how.It makes me mad that they rigged it and should have just did it the right way because biden does not agree to win because trump literally got most of the states as you clearly can tell by looking at it, but nope i guess these people just don’t know how to count or they must just be plain stupid

  8. this election is gonna make history , I have never waited more than a day to find out who the new president is

  9. What’s with the derogatory remarks about people. Is this the only thing you can think of to post. Remember “what’s in the Heart comes out in your words.

  10. If I was registered to vote this year I would vote Trump, I don’t give a flying fuck what people say. TRUMP 2020 WHERE ARE ALL THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!!

  11. Trump 2020! We are in big trouble with Biden. Everyone attacks Trump personally. You have so many negative things to say about him. I guess you could do a better job?!?! At least the man took this job to try to help. I didnt see any of the trump haters returning the Covid stimulus checks or give back the extra money for unemployment.

  12. #ByeDon2020

    Biden/Harris 2020

    Disappointed I could do better than Trump. I would have used the COVID playbook from the previous Administration and I would not fire the Global Pandemic team or tell Dr’s Fauci and Birx that I know more than they do and I would not talk about injecting disinfectant into people. I would not allow 235,000 people die from coronavirus while I called it a hoax.

  13. Biden, although I’m not American and hence can’t vote, I’m in Africa and I’m rooting for you and Kamala, go fuck this Trump bitch who’s full of oestrogen, bonk him even if he claims celibacy along with the racist small minded supporters, who have so little of self esteem, they only feel better when they hurt the next person,go get a life bitches.

    1. um i dont know about yall but if biden wins yall will not regret it .Look this country cant be divided we all have to be together and mostly this days ,we need a president that loves , that cares and dosent worry about money . we need that president that dosent says shit about woman , that dosent leave kids in cages, that support Black Lives Matter and dosent keep stuff from us also that has to be responsible and i believe that the only person right who can do that is joe biden,also this world needs PEACE.

  14. Ok lets get this straight
    Trump wants to get rid of all Mexicans and send them back even if they were born here.
    Biden is just basically reflecting what Obama did and wants to bring back Obama-Care, which many families can’t afford

    basically I’m saying this, Everyone is Wrong

  15. This is why anyone with a level mind didn’t vote for trump your racist your the type of person to think no means yes I’m 13 and could beat you in a debate your incompetent and you probably believe that George Floyd deserved to die you country fuck.

  16. TRUMP 2020

    Fuck the Biden supporters Biden will run this country to the ground trump has been doing a good job

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