The 1970 class of A. E. Beach High

School are completing the

final plans for a celebration 40 years after we marched across the stage. The reunion will take place June 18- 20,2010. We would like all class members to please participate and contact reunion coordinators~ Naomi Reed- 353-8965 or Regina Thomas- 233·8153. Confirmation of your attendance is important as soon as possible. The class is also requesting any information concerning 1970 class members such as occupations, retirements, deaths, locations and recognitions. We also are anxious to have contact information for all 1970 faculty members of A. E. Beach High School. Please contact Beverly Wright Cooper, Class Historian/Secretary at 352- 4135 with any information or questions.If anyone has a family member or friend who graduated in 1970 from A. E. Beach High School please

pass the word.

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