Thankful Missionary holds “Come As You Are Day”

Thankful Missionary Baptist Church, 820 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Savannah, invites you to its

“Come As You Are Day” Sunday September 7, 11 :00 a.m.

This is our Annual labor Day Celebration when the members come to church dressed in their work attire, or if retired, they dress as they formerly dressed when going to work. It is during this service that we celebrate God for giving us the strength, knowledge and the job itself. This is also our dress down Sunday for everybody. Many of the members share a sacrificial offering of one day’s wages as a part pf this celebration. Deacon J. A. Dandy and Minister Antoinette Gordon are our chairs for this day.

I also want to encourage you to sign up for our Annual Christian leadership School which will be held during October and November with certified teachers offering Certificate of Progress Credits. We also have a certified Christian Education Dean and staff. Call the church today and be an early bird registrant. Classes will be capped.

Visit us on the web at www.thankfulbaptistsavannah. org.

Pastor F. A. Fearbry, Reporting 912 – 234-4810.

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