Thankful Celebrates Its Officers and Ordains Deacon

On Sunday, October 7, 2012, Thankful Missionary Baptist Church hosted its Officers Appreciation Day and ordained Deacon Leon Huckabee. In the public catechism, Deacon Huckabee successfully and confidently answered a series of questions pertaining to the articles of faith, baptism, the office of a Deacon, Holy Communion, what it means to be Baptist, and more. In order to become ordained, Huckabee was required learn corresponding scriptures and answers to over 120 questions. Pastor Paul A. Sheppard said that the reason for the open catechism was “to show the seriousness and validity of becoming a Deacon in the Baptist church”. Rev. James Hoze, Pastor of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church delivered the message for the auspicious occasion. Congratulations to Deacon Leon Huckabee and the Thankful Baptist Officers.

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