Thank You from The Unswitchables


First I would like to say Greetings to our city of Savannah in the name of our Lord who did it All. We were only His vessels that He chose to use in reaching souls for His kingdom in only 10 days. God always have a plan already worked out for us if we would only obey Him.

We reached 2,282 souls in those 10 days, not even walking in the streets because of the heat indexes of 110 – 120 degrees. But he had a plan for us and we obeyed God! We are pens in the Hands of God. He writes the pages of our lives and we must obey because obedience is better than sacrifice. He says so and He alone gets all the Glory – Amen. The works we do is not ours. It Is God who birthed it and God who orchestrated it. He equips and supplies all that are needed for His Grace is sufficient – Just Believe!

God spoke to me to keep a count of those we reach and I obey God. There is a Book in the Bible called Numbers therefore – why not? Our Grand total for (23) twenty-three years presently is a glorious count for our God of 116,519 (one hundred sixteen thousand five hundred nineteen). We give all to the Glory of our wonderful, awesome, and excellent Savior Jesus Christ who desires for none to perish. I thank God for those of you who came out in obedience to God in joining His only city-wide outreach team – The Unswitchables.

I would like to thank Rev. Melvin Mason and his band members, Rev. Clarence Williams, Rev. Kenneth & Sis. Leslee Wilson, Rev. O. Adeyemo, Denise Boyd, Bishop Willie Ferrell, Minister Jonathan Ferrell, Elder Rufus Griffin and Singers, Minister Brian Roche and friend, Pastor Rodney Cutler and church body, Rev. Ervin McPherson, Evangelist Alberta, Sister Barbara Pack and company, Rev. Samuel Rodriquez and band members, Pastor Henrietta Lovett, Minister Barbara Brown, Minister Sandra Fleming and daughter Monica Smalls, violinist, Sis. Rebecca Chaplin and daughter, Ricky Jackson, Pastor O.H. Ukpong, Anthony and Kevin Thomas – sons of Mama Thomas – Evangelist and Preacher.

John 9:4 says “I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day; the night cometh, when no man can work.” Accept by faith the gift of eternal life and personal forgiveness He offers, for the only way to really overcome forever is to accept the victory of Calvary that he accomplished for you; the gift if God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6; 23 that is real victory and real overcoming

Love, Mama Rachel Thomas

God Bless All the 1st outreach report

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