Tatemville Community Inprovement Association Meets

The Community Improvement Association of Tatemville held its monthly meeting on Dec. 18th @ 6:00 p:m @ the Tatemville Community Center on Coleman Street. President Mable Hudson presided. The meeting was opened by singing “GOD BLESS AMERICA” followed by the chorus of “PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART”. We all need to lend a helping hand to make our community/ world a better place.The meeting was then open to the various departments in attendance for updates,questions or concerns.

We were first greeted by the fire department( 63rd&Paulsen) who reinforced some safety tips. The police department with Corporal Lewis and APO Brown discussed holiday safety tips and updated the crime statistics. Mrs. Knight with community outreach and development gave news that the traffic calming on Meding Street will start after Jan. It was reported that through a collective effort with zoning, property maintenance and other departments the issue with South Street will also improve. Mr. Chaney reported that the property maintenance dept. will change to code compliance. We were introduced to two new members, Mr. Calvin Harvey(mentor and coach of the Savannah Tigers)and Minister and Mrs. Pointer(Bethel Apostolic Church). Alderwoman Shabazz was also present to answer any concerns about the fire fee and the proposed budget. School Board member Irene Hines was also present, lending a helping hand.

Mrs. Hudson again thanked all the departments and officials for the wonderful work they do for the Tatemville community. Our new member said a blessing for the food and the meeting was then adjourned for the Christmas social and networking. The residents also played a trivia game called the ABC’s of Tatemville by identifying the streets that begin with that letter. Gifts were given to the person who guessed correctly. Everyone enjoyed good food, fun, socializing with neighbors. See you at the next meetng on Jan. 15th 2018 @ 6:00 p:m @ THE TATEMVILLE COMMUNITY CENTER).

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