Tatemville Community Improvement Association August Meeting

The Community Association of Tatemville held its monthly meeting on August 19th at 6:00p.m. The police and fire department were present. The captain of fire station #16 urged residents to please check their smoke detectors and call 311 if they need other assistance. Corporal Williams with the police department stressed safety and prevention wit the rise of car buglaries. The campaign “LOCK IT OR LOSE IT” will be communicated on message boards throughout the city. The water and sewer resources department gave a presentation on “FOG” How to prevent fats, oils and greases from damaging your home and environment. A handout was given to residents to show how “FOG” can cause sewer overflows and backups and what to do to help prevent this. Water and sewer blockages cost the city money. Ways of disposing FOG was discussed. Don’t clog your drains, Bring cooking oil to 1400 E. President St. For more information contact City of Savannah Reclamation Department at 912-651- 6620.

The City Water Resources Department handed out kits explaining how we can help conserve water. For applications and more information contact Margosia Jad- Kowski.

The Tatemville Sound Barrier is almost completed. Keep an ear open for the announcement about the dedication services. Tatemville is proud to encourage the community little league football team. “The Tatemville Cowboys”. The Summer Lawn Care program will be starting soon. The Residents were asked to fill out applications if they wanted the service. A community workshop will take place on September 5th -7th at Savannah State University King-Frazier Student Center. Volunteers are needed to attend.

The Community Association is looking for and encouraging our youth to join. .

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