Sweet Defeat

Patrick Mahomes Andrew ‘Andy’ Reid Photos by Master Sgt. Michael Crane
Patrick Mahomes Andrew ‘Andy’ Reid Photos by Master Sgt. Michael Crane

Glorious day for the Kansas City Chiefs as they took home the title of 2020 Superbowl champions, Sunday evening on the 2nd day of February, despite doubt from San Francisco 49ers fans!

The Chiefs played a strong game, controlling the scoreboard against the 49ers during the first quarter with a total of 7 points against the oppositions 3. The 49ers went toe-to-toe, tying the game 10-10 with the Chiefs right before the halftime show. This left football fans in suspense as Shakira and JLO livened up the stadium with their dance numbers and catchy serenades. Third quarter approached and the 49ers felt good as they surpassed the Chiefs by 10 points, doubling their opponents score to 20-10 but the Chiefs had faith and were not accepting anything less than a win.

The Chiefs blazed passed the 49ers with 3 touchdowns in the last 6 minutes of the fourth quarter, dominating the score answering 21 unanswered points under guidance of quarterback Superbowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes and ending the game with an 11 point lead of 31-20. The Chiefs were officially named Superbowl champions a victory they have been waiting to feel again since 1969, the longest gap between Superbowl wins of all time. For Andrew “Andy” Walter Reid the moment was bittersweet as it was his first Superbowl win of his coaching career. Andy says this will not be his last win, and the Chiefs are ready for all the heat. As to how QB Mahomes lead the Chiefs to this win he says “We never lost faith, That’s the biggest thing. Everybody on this team, no one had their head down. We believed in each other. That’s what we preached all year long.” Great things are to come from this family unit of athletes!

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