Susan Weiner, First Female Savannah Mayor, Dies

Susan Weiner
Susan Weiner

Weiner passed away on Saturday. She was 66. Weiner was the first female mayor of Savannah, in office from 1992-1995.

Prior to moving to Savannah in 1985, Weiner, who was raised in Albany, N.Y., studied theater, education and speech at the State College of New York at New Platz, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Weiner moved with her husband and started a management consultant firm and later entered politics. Weiner was a Republican who defeated John Rousakis, a five term incumbent, in the 1991 Savannah mayoral race. Weiner was married to Al Weiner, who died in 2002 after a battle with cancer. She is survived by her brother Irwin Weiner, sisters Linda Scher and Toby Elman and stepson Lucian Weiner.

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