Summer Camp Introduces Students to Forensic Science, Law Enforcement

Students participate in forensic experience during summer camp
Students participate in forensic experience during summer camp

On Jun 16th – 19th, the incoming 2009-2010 Early College/CSI students experienced a four-day Summer Camp designed to further stimulate their interest and broaden their understanding of careers in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

Among the events incorporated in the camp was a workshop.

At the workshop, the students participated in collecting and processing crime scene evidence, developing fingerprints and watching a CSI film produced and directed by SSU forensic science students.

On the final day of Summer Camp, the Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department brought their special units, including K-9, SWAT, Bomb Squad, Mounted Unit, Marine Patrol, Mobile Command and Animal Control for demonstrations and handson activities.

Special thanks are extended to Mr. Doug Kearse, Early College/CSI teacher, along with the following individuals who volunteered their time and talents to organize and provide these Learning for Life activities for the incoming Early College/CSI students: Savannah State University- Dr. Karla Sue Marriott, Forensics Instructor, Chatham County Courthouse- Ms. Nan Garner and Mr. Tim Sheppard, Chatham County Sheriff’s Department- Ms. Latoya Lawrence, Ms. Kendra Crawford, Pvt. C. Hawkins, Ms. Angela Dorsey, Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department- Capt. Larry Branson, Sgt. Keith Edwards and APO Mike Rogers – SWAT Team, APO Chris Amedee – K-9 Unit, SCpl. Ann Sosbe – Mounted Patrol, SCpl. Scott Armstrong – Bomb Squad, APO Peter Ramsey – Marine Patrol, Mr. Zach Shuman – Emergency Management , Mr. Kevin DeRouen – Animal Control

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