‘Strictly for the Streets’ Movie Being Filmed in Savannah


Last weekend, KVII Enterprises, in partnership with Mommy Lounge Network, filmed on location in our fair city of Savannah. The movie is based on a young girl pursuing her dream of getting a college education, while dealing with the struggles of everyday life. The story is a classic tale of the company you keep. It is a period piece set in the Pandemic-era.

Breezeway Studio Manor and 2 Chefs Southern Kitchen Restaurant served as the backdrop for the production, written and produced by Katoria Mitchell Chanyasubkit, Kayla Givens and LaMonica Mitchell. They are telling black stories and partnering with black-owned businesses in the Opportunity Zone. Mirror Image Boutique is providing the wardrobe, and local natural hair and makeup salon Good Morning Beautiful will serve as the Glam Squad for the star Actors.

Featured Cast members include Atlanta based Actress and Comedienne Ashima Franklin (OWN Network); Actor Julian Horton (“BRUH”, a Tyler Perry Production on the BET Network) and Social Media Star Gattor Martin. Local celebrities include Meezy Da Industry (Rapper) and Dr. Stacy L. Henderson (Human Rights Activist and International Best-Selling Author), who recently appeared in the movie ‘NO MORE! A Tribute to Breonna Taylor’ (Yashin Phillips Productions, Waukegan, IL).This project is providing jobs for thirty people during the Pandemic, while taking CDC recommended COVID-19 safety measures. Please visit Mommy Lounge Network at www.mommyloungenetwork.com for additional information.

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