Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love

Chilli Most and Z
Chilli Most and Z

Chili Most has been leading The International Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love Campaign since January 2nd, 2012. He’s been on over 400 radio interviews over 200 hundred million listeners talking about two things: “Stop The Violence” and “Fight For Your Rights” inspired one of the Greatest Americans this country’s ever produced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who stood for non-violence and died for people’s rights.

On January 19th 2014 Ministers worldwide will be honoring Dr. King by preaching the sermon Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love because GOD is Love. Our goal is for every Minister and Clergy Person of all Faiths to stand with Oneness and Unity allowing the Collective Voice to Change The Mindset Of Humanity using the Collective Influence of the Faith Leaders to encourage Local Spiritual Leaders from all Ages, Races, Genders and Religions to unite our “Collective Witness” to “Stop The Violence”. If we lead under the Anointing of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Our Nation and The World will follow. We ask for all Ministers to record and send their sermons on C.D. or D.V.D to WVFG, P.O. Box 508 Uniontown, Alabama 36786 so they can be heard on The Chili Most Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love Sermon Series in over 70 countries.

You can be my Special Guest on The Chili Most Show Monday through Friday on WVFG 107.5 FM in Uniontown, Alabama. 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time.

For more information contact (323) 983-1135 or PEACE.

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