Steps On To How Students Should Prepare For Graduation

Jabious White
Jabious White

Graduation is a time for celebration, but it can also be a time of confusion. Many students leave college without the slightest clue of what to do next. It’s important for students to prepare for life after college. I myself am graduating this spring with a bachelors in Mass Communications, along with a minor in Homeland Security. Here’s a few steps that I have been using to help me prepare for graduation this semester that can also help you out in the future.

For starters, keep a close relationship with your advisor. If there are any questions that you need answered, your advisor is there to guide and direct you to get things accomplished.

Each school has a career services office. This office helps you to find part-time work, internships and volunteer opportunities while you are a student. They also help you to prepare your resume, cover letter, and portfolio for your first job in your field.

Pick and choose a person that you look up to and trust. A mentor would be perfect to have because he/she has already taken the route and experienced the obstacles that you are seeking to overcome.

References are important to have because it’s shows that you surround your self with professional people. Most jobs opportunities require 3-5 references of experience; also, you should think carefully about who you choose as your reference because they speak on your behalf explaining to the hiring managers why they

Tevorius Higgins
Tevorius Higgins
should choose you for the position.

Finally, it’s so important to finish strong your last semester in college. Think of all the hard work you put in and the tears you shed on your journey to graduating. You don’t want to disappoint your friends and family because you slacked in one class that would keep you from graduating. Hard work pays off and just because you completed college doesn’t mean you have to stop there. It’s so much more out there to explore, so don’t let these opportunities pass you.

Higgins is graduating from Georgia State University with a bachelors in Economics and a minor in Computer Information. “In preparation for graduating this spring, I have been under a lot of pressure”, said Higgins. “The heavy work load of last minute materials can be overwhelming, how- ever, I had to remain sane and keep a positive mind after dealing with cramming ambiguous information as well thinking about life after college. In all I have to say I’m on the right track because I’m blessed to have a job lined up after graduation at SunTrust bank as a Database Manager”, Higgins stated.

So even though graduating from college may be tough, if you refer to my steps laid out, you’ll do fine and you’ll be able to walk across the stage full of confidence, knowing that that walk is just the beginning to many roads leading to success and the rest of your life

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