STAY WOKE Savannah-Chatham County!


In March of 2019, Trigon encouraged African American Voters in Savannah Chatham County to become more involved in the election process. In 2019, African Americans were the majority in population and registered voters in the city of Savannah. This information was pushed to the forefront through Trigon’s voter participation movement, “Wake Up the Vote Savannah”.

A new city council was elected through the political process, dismantling the “good old boys” politics in Savannah. Since then, we have seen resistance to this dismantling. There is always resistance to change. It’s going to get better and the people of Savannah will all be treated fairly. I do believe and anticipate this!

The 2019 municipal election was a “Wake up Call”. Voters got up, dressed themselves in determination and voted. This “Wake up Call” was carried over into the 2020 election and Savannah-Chatham County woke up to freshness in county politics on November 3, 2020. We saw freshness in the election of a new county commission chairman, coroner, district attorney, tax commissioner and county commissioners. On the national level, we saw a much needed “freshness” in the election of a new president.

There’s nothing like waking up to freshness and a new start. All we have to do until this election process is over is, STAY WOKE. Don’t sleep on the January 5,2021 runoff election. Get your wide-awake body back to the polls and VOTE! Do not take an election “NoDoze”. If we “snooze”, we lose! Don’t let it be said that we slept during one the most critical times in our nation.

Once the January 5, 2021 runoff election is over, we must STAY WOKE by holding all elected official accountable. Let’s make good trouble so that good people will not be troubled by politics in Savannah Chatham County and in America.

Please contact the Chatham County Board of Elections if you have questions regarding voting. January 5, 2021 is another VOTING DAY!

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