Stay Safe in Your Worship

This is a particularly meaningful time of year for people of various faiths, with observations like Passover and Easter on the religious calendar. As challenging as it may be to change your annual traditions, it’s very important to stay committed to social distancing and avoid in-person gatherings right now.

Many houses of worship are offering online or virtual services rather than in-person gatherings.

Consider celebrating with family members who live outside your home via video chat.

Cook traditional foods at home to enjoy the familiar tastes and smells of the holiday.

Host a small celebration with the family in your household now and plan a larger celebration later when it’s safe to gather again.

1 thought on “Stay Safe in Your Worship”

  1. The other day the Coronavirus was referred to as a plague; which puts an entirely new light on what is taking place in America and the world. The Biblical definition of a plague is a stroke of affliction or disease sent as chastisement or judgment from God; which could include a fatal blow, or a slaughter. When the Coronavirus is viewed as a judgment of God on a nation mankind is required to repent of sins in order to lessen or bring an end to the judgment: And a knowledge of the cause and reasons for the judgment. How is it that those who make great claims to Christianity behave as if they know not that the Lord looks from heaven and beholds all the sons of men? And history bears witness to the justice of God in judging America as well as the world. And it shall be the great misfortune of all if they fail to see the forest for the trees. What is it Americans commit the sin of idolatry in the worship of and hold to be of greater value then the sanctity of life, it is money; and the economy is weigh in the balance of life’s which may be loss for the sake of the economy.
    God warns before He wounds; for He is long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

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