State Senator Lester Jackson Work During the Legislative Season

State Senator Lester Jackson
State Senator Lester Jackson

We are about 3 weeks into this Legislative season and things are starting to heat up for our State Senator Lester Jackson. In the past few weeks he has brought Savannah under the Gold Dome, celebrated with the AME churches of Georgia, paid tribute to one of our most famous Georgians, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and he is just getting started. If you missed any of these events let me be the first to tell you… You missed a treat!

Dr. Jackson started Savannah/Chatham Day off with Magic 103.9 as the “One Day DJ” along with Comedian Big E and the Doug Davis aka The Magic Man. The morning was filled with special guest including the LT. Governor Casey Cagle and Savannah’s own Walter Simmons with Pastor Gregory Lourdnum. The day was to capacity with both fun and educational events that rounded out with the Seafood Festival catered by Barnes of Savannah.

Yes, there is plenty of fun to be had under the Dome, but business is why we elected Senator Jackson to be our voice. He has several great ideas that he is working to become laws this session. One in particular that dropped on January 30th is SB 82 that will add a “need based” claus to the current Hope Scholarship/ Grants. This change may seem minutiae, but it will allow for an even distribution of Hope money to those in our community that needs it most.

We need our young people to have access to postsecondary learning and this is one of the ways to get them there without the crippling effect of loans. According to the Institute for College Access & Success about 62% of Georgians are in debt from student loans. WIth $26,518 being the average balance as of 2015. If we can shrink just a fraction of that number would that not help our communities? If we could multiply the number of our people getting postsecondary degrees how would that affect our working class? Only for the better! This is the foresight our State Senator has as he services not only Savannah/ Chatham county but all of Georgia.

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