St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 1855 – 2008: 153 years of Worship in the Diocese of Georgia

Rev. Cheryl A. E. Parris
Rev. Cheryl A. E. Parris

In September 2008, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 1401 M. L. King, Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA, celebrates 153 years of service and worship in the Diocese of Georgia. We are grateful to God and the many clergy and faithful who have aided our work and mission in Savannah. Their commitment and labor have given us a strong base on which to build our future. We thank God who has called us to labor where we have been planted.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church was organized in 1943 through the merger of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church founded in 1855 and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, which was established in 1872.

In 1943, the articles of merger between the two parishes were signed by the two Vestries and the Bishop. St. Matthew was chosen as the patron saint. Reverend Gustave Caution, a former rector of St. Stephen’s was called as Rector of the new congregation. He served until 1968. Today, the rector is Reverend Cheryl A. E. Parris. She has served the parish since August 2007. Mr. Charles M. McMillan is the Senior Warden and Mr. Richard Outing is the Junior Warden.

In celebration of their anniversary, the parish is sponsoring several events during September. The events are as follows: Friday Sept. 19th – Evening of Music – 6pm; Saturday, Sept. 20th – Carnival – noon; Sunday, Sept. 21 – Anniversary Service -10am – preacher: Rev. Robert Wright, Rector, St. Paul’s, Atlanta, GA; Monday, Sept. 22 – St. Matthews Day – Evening Prayer and supper – 6pm. An invitation is extended to the public. Call the church office at 912-233-5965 for details on any event. All events will be held at the church.

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