St. Joseph’s/Candler Receives $20,000 For new Infant Incubator

The Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation has awarded St. Joseph’s/Candler $20,000 to purchase a new infant incubator.

This incubator will be used to transport newborns facing medical difficulties with from the Telfair BirthPlace to the Special Care Nursery. More than 800 babies a year are admitted to Special Care.

Some infants have difficulty breathing in the first moments of life and many times they need oxygen. More than 20 percent of them were ventilated using mechanical ventilation.

This grant will help purchase the GE Healthcare Airborne® 750i, a lightweight, compact transport incubator designed for the baby’s comfort.

It is equipped with optional ventilator, monitor and suction system. It has extended battery life and a built-in humidity capability.

“It’s important to have a transporter that can provide the medical care needed independently but also to be so easy to move that the nurses can concentrate on caring for the infant and not on pushing the transporter,” said Melanie Howard, MSN, RN, Nurse Manager of the Special Care Nursery. “Highly advanced care and knowledge is required and time is critical to make sure these precious children get the highest quality care.”

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