St. Joseph’s/Candler Cardiac Rehabilitation Achieves National Certification

The St. Joseph’s/Candler Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is the first in the region to receive Program Certification by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

“This certification tells our current and prospective cardiac rehabilitation clients that we have all the components in place to provide expert rehabilitation care,” said Emily Parks, coordinator of Cardiopulmonary Rehab at St. Joseph’s/Candler.

This voluntary certification process recognizes programs that meet the rigorous requirements for standards of care after review by the AACVPR national board.

Cardiac rehabilitation helps patients with heart disease recover quickly and strengthen heart muscles.

Certification demonstrates the commitment of St. Joseph’s/Candler to providing excellent care to the community it serves, Parks said.

To achieve program certification, the cardiac rehab program demonstrated clinical care according to the most current national guidelines. This included a review of the physician communication process, improved patient health outcomes and satisfaction, cardiac risk reduction, optimal patient education and continuing education for staff development.

In addition, the program showed its ongoing staff development through continued education and evaluation that exceeds competency and fosters individual and departmental growth.

Patients who participate in the cardiac rehab program receive services performed by an interdisciplinary team of medical and healthcare specialists whose goal is to control and alleviate the symptoms of their disease to the highest degree possible. The team also teaches the patient self-management skills which will allow independence in managing daily activities.

For more information about Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation please call 912-819-7340.

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