St. Joseph’s/Candler and City of Savannah Launch Pilot Home Ownership Program

St. Joseph’s/Candler has always maintained that good health starts outside of the hospital.

“There are many roads to good health. Having access to care is the most obvious, but lack of decent housing can lead to poor health,” said Paul P. Hinchey, President & CEO of SJ/C. “What we want to do is pave a road to home ownership and by helping with the down payment, many families can do the rest themselves. Home ownership can stabilize neighborhoods, cities, and a family’s health.”

The pilot program fits squarely into SJ/C’s mission, that “Rooted in God’s love we treat illness and promote wellness for all people.”

Employers interested in learning more about this innovative employee benefit program may contact Anita Smith-Dixon, Lending Administrator, with the City’s Housing Department, 912-651-6926.

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