St. John to host Ushers March Competition

The Hospitality Ministry of St. John “The Mighty Fortress” is accepting DVD auditions for their “Ushers Marching for Christ” Competition.

3-min DVD auditions must be submitted no later than Friday, October 7, 2011. DVD auditions are for selection processes only.

Groups selected to participate in the competition do not have to perform the auditioned act for the final competition.

To obtain additional information regarding the rules of the competition and applications, please visit our website at, click on BOOKSTORE and follow the “Ushers” link or call Luci at 912-925-9445 or Renee at 912-961-9158.

St. John “The Mighty Fortress” is located in historic Savannah, Georgia at 522 Hartridge Street. Rev. Dr. George P. Lee, III is the pastor.

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