SSU Students March For Justice


3 p.m. Thursday, December 4, 2014 at Hill Hall of Savannah State University News teams arrived to interview students who were creating cardboard signs outside the large white building. There was a tension in the air; a wonder of what was to come. The students of Savannah State University had organized and hosted a protest to march to Daffin Park on Victory Drive. As they began to walk you could hear their excitement, pulling passing fellow SSU Tigers/ students into the group as they marched through campus. The students raised and lowered their signs smiling and encouraging others to join in.

Black Lives Matter!”

Quickly approaching La Roche Ave. organizers tell students to stay on the sidewalk or the protest will get shutdown. Once the sidewalk ran out students slowly migrated into the road, while being encouraged by drivers. Supporters of the protest honked their horns and held fist out of their windows to show their pride. The protest was peaceful and inspiring as they marched down Victory Drive towards the park. Police cars blocked Victory Drive with their cars, at the intersection to Daffin Park to keep the students going any further.

No Justice! No Peace!”

The air surrounding the protest quickly grew tense again, but this time not with anticipation, but disbelief in how many officers had surrounded the protesters trying to shut it down. A cardboard box was passed on the ground that stated, “Mike Brown deserved to die…!”

The protest had been so peaceful until it came to a pause. An older woman stands in her yard with an alcoholic beverage screaming “Run them all over!” These words and force from officers marked the turn from peaceful powerful protest to a quick reminder of why they were marching.

I Can’t Breathe!”

“Land of the free, Home of the …Brave?” questioned students. The students stand holding their hands up to as to say, don’t shoot, and held a moment of silence. The moment of silence was continued by a saxophone playing a beautiful tune into the quiet air capturing the attention of not only officers, but every news crew in the street filming. Local citizens from the city who were exercising in the park stopped walking their dogs and stopped jogging to stand with the students in silence.

Don’t Shoot.”

The group of students marched back to their beloved Savannah State University all realizing the mark they had left. Though they have come a long way there were still reminders of how there many more rivers to cross before justice will be served.

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