SSU receives $700,000 HUD grant to help West Savannah

In conjunction with the 2008 White House HBCU Initiative, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently awarded Savannah State University (SSU) with a $700,000 HBCU Grant. The funding is designed to help revitalize the West Savannah neighborhood over a three-year period.

“SSU continues to expand its role as a partner with the City of Savannah to regenerate West Savannah,” said Earl G. Yarbrough, Ph.D., SSU president. “Boosting area business, improving the financial well being of residents, and connecting these residents to job opportunities are the main goals of the grant.”

“As a component, empowerment and asset-building activities will be readily accessible to West Savannah residents,” said Shirley Geiger, Ph.D, Political Science, Public Administration and Urban Studies. “These and other skillbuilding activities will be offered through advancement centers conveniently located within walking distance to other neighborhood services.”

The proposal is the joint effort of Professors Geiger, Nailah Brock, Ph.D., Political Science, Public Administration and Urban Studies and Ulysses Brown, Ph.D., College of Business Administration, in cooperation with the City of Savannah’s Department of Community Development.

The $700,000 grant is part of a larger $9 million HUD grant awarded to 13 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the nation. HUD is partnering with these HBCUs to help address pressing community needs, such as providing housing, economic development and other programs to benefit low- to moderateincome families, across the U.S.

The HBCU Grant dovetails with the HUD funding awarded to Savannah State in 2004 for neighborhood revitalization in the historic Cuyler- Brownsville community.

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