SSU Launches Certificate With Peace Corps

Myles Lamar Tanzania
Myles Lamar Tanzania

Savannah State University (SSU) is launching the first ever certificate in global citizenship in collaboration with the Peace Corps.

SSU will welcome the Peace Corps, as well as other officials, to campus on Monday, October 31. The visit is part of a national tour to recruit volunteers at SSU. Students are invited to attend a panel in the Torian Auditorium in the Howard Jordan building at 3:30 p.m. The panel will include Tammi Ferguson, program analyst, White House Initiative for HBCUs; Clayton Kennedy, Director of Programs, Peace Corps; Clarissa Davis, Fulbright Alumni Ambassadors, Institute of International Education; Heather Turner, Regional Representative, City Year; and Alethea Parker, Regional Representative, United States Department of Agriculture.

Myles Lamar ‘14, who studied computer science technology at SSU, has been volunteering in Tanzania, teaching chemistry mathematics to grades 9 and 10. He will Skype in to share stories about his experience. Martez Reynolds, a biology major who will graduate in December 2016, has decided to join the Peace Corps after graduation and will be recognized as a volunteer during the presentation.

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