Spike Lee Delivers Power-packed Message at Savannah State University

Spike Lee signs autographs after speaking at SSU on March 22
Spike Lee signs autographs after speaking at SSU on March 22

Tuesday night, March 22, 2011 Spike Lee was very gracious with his valuable time as he spoke at Savannah State University for more than an hour dispensing a wealth of triedand tested nuggets of wisdom.

On stage he very seldom stood behind the podium. Instead, he favored walking across the stage with mic in hand and actually connecting with the audience. It was as though he was right at home talking with family and friends. He told SSU audience though he grew up in New York, he was actually born in Georgia. Drawing from the lessons learned throughout his own life, Lee stated that he wasn’t a motivated student in school, and at times was a “C-” student. He stated that it wasn’t that he wasn’t intelligent; “I just wasn’t motivated in class,” Lee admitted. He went on to say that it was all about finding your passion—discovering that one thing you love so much that you can do it for free.

Lee stated that he later discovered his own passion— filmmaking. He said that no one has to get him out of bed to go to work at 4:00 am because he just love doing what he does. He also addressed how too many adults work all of their lives at a job which they hate. Lee reinforced an old adage, “If you find something that you love to do you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Another powerful lesson Lee dropped on SSU was how students should not go to school to get an education just to make a lot of money. He explained how many suicides are actually committed by people who make large sums of money. The message sent was clear—it’s not about the money—get educated, yes, but find your passion and do what you love.

Though very adamant about “No Video Taping At His Talk,” he was very giving of himself as he allowed for a spontaneous question and answer period. Without hesitation, a long line of inquisitive minds quickly formed for a chance to pick the brain of the world renown filmmaker, producer, actor, activist, and entrepreneur.

After the talk, and question and answer session, Lee, instead of being zipped away through a side door then into an awaiting limo, took a chair and sat near the edge of the stage where he allowed himself to be swarmed by an anxiously awaiting crowd of supporters. While seated, he took the time to shake hands, pose for photographs, and to sign autographs, which this writer also managed to obtain.

The crowd began to thin out as most of the supporters had been satisfied by the attention given to them by the accomplished star. Finally, led by security, Spike Lee slowly walked off stage, made his way through the midst of the endearing crowd, and was shuffled behind a large black curtain where he disappeared from sight. Article by Servant Emannu’el Branch–the Black History Bible Prophecy Minister, Teacher and Curator at Yahshua University.com. He can be reached at (912) 376-7017 and www.yahshuauniversity.co m email: speakup@yahshuauniversity. com

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