Smith-McKeithen Announced Candidacy for 5th District Alderman

Shaundra Smith-McKeithen officially announced her candidacy for the 5th District Alderman for the City of Savannah outside of City Hall last week. She thanked her many supporters who came out to cheer her on.

Ms. McKeithen addressed the crowd stating, “our city needs to change and I am committed to changing the level of representation that the 5th District receives. Public service is an honor because people put their trust in us and I respect that serving the public requires energy, faith, and follow-through. It means you must listen to people, not just talk. It means you have to fight for what’s right, and call out what’s wrong. I have been labeled as a “whistleblower” while at Chatham County, but I feel that I am just a person who believes in doing the right thing, and fighting corruption within government. Nothing gets done from the sidelines – success happens through hard work on the field,” McKeithen continued.

McKeithen stated, “I am not afraid of hard work. In going door to door in the last few months listening to people’s concerns across the 5th district there’s a lot that’s been left undone.”

• 3.5 years ago when my opponent took office the poverty rate in the 5th was 54%. Now it’s even higher at 60%

• Community centers and programs were promised 3.5 years ago and today those centers remain unfinished and have no viable programs for youth or families

• Violent crime and homicides have not gone down they have gone up

My campaign motto is “Change begins with us.” Elect Shaundra McKeithen for Alderman of the 5th District and I will give you the representation you deserve. Thank you!

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