Small Business Guru Coaches Entrepreneurs to Success


In tough economic times, businesses are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition and establish a track record of long success.

Successful businessman and author Kevin Thomas says that seeking someone who can help you take your business to the next level is better than any new marketing strategy or sales gimmick.

“Right now, particularly in the economic climate that we’re in, things are changing so quickly and you need someone who can help you breakthrough in areas where your business has been stagnant,” says Thomas, a certified licensed professional business coach. “If you’re still doing business like you did four or five years, you’ve got your head in the sand and you better pull it out before it is too

Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas

Thomas is the proprietor of several successful businesses including his recently launched business-coaching firm. He works with small businesses to help them go from good to great.

But businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from the services of a coach, Thomas says. Nonprofit organizations such as foundations, private schools and churches also find the services useful for taking things to the next level. Using a business effectiveness evaluation, Thomas can assess your company in marketing, sales, customer service, leadership and profitability, and help you develop an action plan for success. “You’ve got to take time out to just work on your business – setting goals for your organization and strategies to achieve them and I can help you do that,” he said.

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