Simone Biles: Breaking the Code of Points


This past weekend in Kansas City, Missouri at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Simone Biles stunned audiences with two history-making moments. The 22-year old, five-time Olympic medalist, 14-time World Champion, and sixtime (after this weekend) National All-Around Title winner completed moves that made her go viral once again.

After an error on Friday during her floor exercise, in which Biles made a mistake on the landing that left her fuming, she recovered later that night with a new balance beam dismount: a double double. Simone Biles took on one of the most difficult skills of the sport, usually reserved for floor exercises, and became the first gymnast to complete the double somersault with a full twist in each flip off of a balance beam just 4 inches wide.

On Sunday, Biles came for redemption for her previous fumble in the floor exercise on Day 1 and completed the most difficult skill any female gymnast has ever attempted in the history of the sport: a triple-double. The triple-double is a double back somersault with three twists spread out over two flips. If Biles can complete both of these moves in competition at the World Championships in Stuttgart, they will be officially named for her in the Code of Points. This would bring her to a total of four named skills.

The Women’s Code of Points is the gymnastics alphabet ranking all skills on a scale beginning with A (easiest skills) and going up to I. There are only a few “I” level skills and the triple-double (if named, the “Biles II”) is more difficult than those. This may cause an extension of the Code of Points to the unheard of letter J.

Simone Biles continues to raise the bar for all of gymnastics and we will continue watching even after her final performance in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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