Sick and Twisted In Savannah

L-R: Tamara the Tart, Eva the Beauty Queen, Sadie “Annie Mae” Broom, Berkley Vera and Tina Dawn
L-R: Tamara the Tart, Eva the Beauty Queen, Sadie “Annie Mae” Broom, Berkley Vera and Tina Dawn

Sick and Twisted in Savannah is a work of fiction by author Sadie Allran Broome. It is an adult memoir set in Savannah. Recently

Broome and a few friends visited Savannah. During an interview with The Savannah Tribune, Broome tells the story of how the book came about.

“Back in the 80’s, my husband had just completed law school at Mercer in Macon, Ga. He wanted to practice in North Carolina, which is where we were from. While studying for the North Carolina bar, he got a job in beautiful Savannah. Of course I came along and got a teaching job from an interview over the phone for the new Victory Street School. For teacher orientation, we got to go on a riverboat cruise. We all had name tags so we could tell what school the new teachers were hired. Some of the teachers congregated together at the bar. We started telling each other little stories about ourselves. We knew that we were going to click while teaching at the same school. All the different teachers were from all over the country. Some from California, South Carolina, Mississippi, and North Carolina. So we taught in the school together. We begin to meet after hours for a few shenanigans and adventures. Over the years, we forged a lifelong friendship. Then later, years when we would come back for reunion we would be telling these stories. I have a love for writing so I started writing down our stories. Then I thought why not put the stories in a book, so I did. I just hope when people read about us, and our sick and twisted adventures in Savannah, they will laugh out loud at least once!”

Some of the teacher characters in the book are Tamara the Tart, Eva the Beauty Queen, Annie Mae, Berkeley Vera and Tina Dawn. The book is available at Amazon and at Savannah Rose, located at 126 E. Bay Street in Savannah.

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